Dee and Isaiah Collier
are newlyweds with a bright future ahead.

Convenience Banking

Four years ago, Dee decided to become a member of Service 1st Federal Credit Union because it was close to her job as a health care provider for people with mental disabilities. She recalls that she primarily joined for the convenience and simple check cashing. Dee quickly began to rely on the credit union’s easy-to-use, advanced mobile banking technology. She also appreciated that, unlike her previous mobile banking experiences, she never had to wait to access her account information because the site was down. At the time, Dee couldn’t have imagined what a pivotal role her credit union would end up playing in her financial future.

Relationships Made and Challenges Overcome

When Dee and Isaiah decided it was time to purchase a home, they talked to three different banking institutions. Although she was quoted similar rates, it was the extra attention they received from Service 1st FCU’s Lewisburg branch manager, Wyatt Troxell, that inevitably made their decision to go through the credit union to secure their home mortgage. Dee explains that Wyatt really took the time to make sure the couple was educated about the process of purchasing a home – what to expect, how the funding worked and how it would impact them financially for years to come.

Wyatt also proved helpful when immediately following the purchase of their home; Isaiah took it upon himself to buy a car. Unfortunately, he did not go through Service 1st FCU for the loan and the couple faced a new and challenging financial situation. They went to Wyatt with their problem and he carefully walked them through the best possible strategies for handling the new car payment and the process they should take to try to bring down the rate.

Bright Future Ahead

Once the couple worked through that financial stress, they realized that it was time to begin planning for their upcoming wedding. They outreached again to Wyatt because knew that they didn’t want to take out another loan to pay for their special day, but at the same time, weren’t sure just how they would handle the significant costs without doing so. Wyatt carefully worked with them to find a way to pay for their wedding by analyzing their budget and everyday expenses.

Dee and Isaiah now consider Wyatt a part of the family. He was invited to their wedding and they have planned a fishing trip with him and his two boys. They are also starting to save for a honeymoon down the road. Thanks to Wyatt, their lack of experience and financial knowledge will not keep them from reaching for their dreams. Their relationship with him and Service 1st FCU has helped them save a lot of money and they are now well on their way to financial independence and stability as they begin their lives together.