Arianne Schumacher
loves supporting her community.

A Step In The Right Direction

When she was just six years old, Arianne Schumacher walked into a Mission Federal Credit Union (MFCU) branch in Oceanside with her mother. “I remember being so excited to receive my first ATM card – I still use the same PIN that I created all those years ago today!” she recalls now. Arianne’s parents, both teachers, started banking with MFCU because the credit union has such a great relationship with the community.

Through her mother’s instruction and MFCU’s educational services, smart banking habits were ingrained in Arianne’s mind from an early age. “The day my mom took me to set up an account was an important day, looking back. My mom and the Mission Federal employees showed me how to balance a checkbook. That was really the beginning, and Mission Fed has been a positive part of my financial life ever since. MFCU’s services and values are very important to me. I absolutely love my credit union,” Arianne notes.

Community Involvement Strengthens Customer Commitment

Philanthropy is a routine part of Arianne’s life, and banking with an organization such as MFCU is an important consideration for her. “Along with the consistently stellar customer service I receive from Mission Federal, the company’s commitment to improving and supporting San Diego County is something I admire,” says Schumacher.

Each spring, downtown’s Little Italy embraces the crowds during the Mission Federal Credit Union Art Walk, aimed at celebrating artistic talent, emphasizing cultural enrichment and connecting the community. In addition, MFCU’s involvement with Junior Achievement BizTown teaches elementary school students the mechanics and behind-the-scenes skills necessary to operate banks, manage restaurants, write checks and even vote for mayor. In an effort to create a financially stable, informed and efficient community, MFCU strives to collaborate on programs and community initiatives that yield positive results for everyone – and members, like Arianne, take notice.

Attentive Service Aids Financial Planning

On top of that, Arianne mentions that their numerous branch locations are filled with thoughtful, trusted employees, eager to help her in any way they can. “MFCU knows things I need, even before I do,” she marvels. Just recently, a teller mentioned to her that she had been preapproved for a car loan, with a very low interest rate. “They seem to know exactly what I need at every phase of life. Not only are they able to help me with me with an extremely reasonable loan, they also have a service to help negotiate and purchase a car. I don’t even have to step foot on a dealership lot. That’s the kind of service and banking relationship you won’t find anywhere else,” she says.

Care like that has made Arianne a credit union member for life. “I’m getting married next spring, and my fiancé and I are just starting to figure out our budget. After doing the math, he’s exploring getting a car loan with MFCU too. The lower interest rate would save a considerable amount of money – all money that could possibly help us create the wedding of our dreams.”

Such attention to detail and member care provided by MFCU turned a routine banking errand into an inspirational choice for the couple. Arianne and her fiancé, Julien, have discovered new ways to save money, resources to make life easier – and ultimately, a lifestyle – within their reach.