Kyle Coleman
relies on her credit union for guidance.

Set Up For Success

Kyle Coleman has been a member of Georgia’s Own Credit Union ever since she can remember. The 33 year-old Atlanta-based professional suspects she has been banking with Georgia’s Own CU for about 30 years, as a result of her parents’ decision to open an account in her name when she was a toddler. Her parents themselves were members, as her father’s company offered Georgia’s Own CU to their employees as a banking option a few decades ago.

After high school graduation, Kyle ventured across the state line into South Carolina for college, and it was then she opened an account with a bigger, traditional bank. “At the time, I needed cash on hand, often, as most college kids do. My college town was limited in resources besides the bigger bank options.” While in school, Kyle was happy to have easy access to her money, but became concerned when she began noticing some mysterious charges, fees and unexplained additional costs to bank there.

Reality Prompted Return

Kyle always enjoyed banking with Georgia’s Own CU, as her family did. However, it was not until she graduated from college and returned to Atlanta that her concerns grew about other big banks. “Now that I’m an adult, it’s up to me to take responsibility for my financial decisions and my own future. I started taking a closer look at where my money was going. It’s important to me that I plan well, and I want to ensure I save wisely and with a trusted partner.” Kyle notes the transition back to Georgia’s Own CU was seamless, and she’s had no concerns or issues since.

No matter how qualified or educated an individual is, these days career paths are often filled with ambiguity. If Kyle’s ever in trouble, she feels comfortable calling anyone at Georgia’s Own CU and knows they will do their very best to help her. Kyle appreciates the fact they do not bill her random charges, as she’s aware of everything upfront and expects no overdraft or hidden fees. What she does expect? The continued support, communication and trust she’s received over the years.

A feature Kyle can’t speak highly enough about is the auto service through Georgia’s Own CU. “This service is like a real estate agent: You set specifications on the car you’re looking for; Auto Finder locates it; you test drive it. If you choose it, you can then set up your loan through Georgia’s Own.” With good auto and home loan interest rates and no arbitrary fees, Kyle and her family don’t bother visiting dealerships for their car purchases anymore.

Looking Forward To A Steady Financial Future

From a services perspective, Kyle notes Georgia’s Own CU goes above and beyond. “Their rates can’t be beat, and the personal approach is something you don’t find elsewhere. You’re essentially a board member and have a say in things, just by being a member.”

She suggests that when folks are comparing mobile banking apps to apps, or ATM locations to one another, they should also be comparing the institutions behind the scenes.

“My grandfather always advised us to get to know our bankers,” Kyle says. “I like knowing I’m in business with someone, not someone else’s business.”