Why People Are Leaving Big Banks

Why people are leaving big banks

This post previously published on October 6, 2015.

It’s no secret that you’re probably not too fond of big banks. With all that happened during financial meltdown and Great Recession in 2008, we can see why. According to a three-year study sponsored by Viacom Media Networks of New York, you “would rather go to the dentist than listen to what banks are saying.” If that’s the case, here’s why a credit union may be your bank of choice:

They care about the community.

“Millennials support brands that stand for more than the bottom line, and this is where credit unions fit beautifully,” says CO-OP’s Chief Marketing Officer Samantha Paxson. Whether it’s organizing a drive for a homeless shelter or supporting an exhibit at a local non-profit art center, credit unions care about giving back to communities in a big way. They know that by joining forces with causes the community cares deeply about, so much more can be achieved.

They offer apps that make your life easier.

Credit unions know how essential apps are to making your daily life easier. CO-OP is providing its 3,500 member credit unions across the U.S. with digital product offerings that are the equal of any big bank. As a member, you may have access to everything from CardNav by CO-OP, which is an app that controls card transactions with real-time fraud security built in, to Sprig® by CO-OP, which enables you to make person-to-person payments. As you’re less inclined to use checks, cash and debit cards versus using PayPal, credit unions are hard at work making sure you have what you need.

They’re pretty much everywhere.

With over 30,000 ATMs and 5,300 “live teller” branches through the CO-OP ATM and CO-OP Shared Branch networks, having access to a credit union’s services is practically within a stone’s throw away. Plus through participating credit unions you’ll find the convenience of over 1,800 self-service kiosks, many of which are located inside select 7-Eleven locations nationwide. Whether you need to make a quick stop to a branch after work or are traveling out of state, it’s easier than ever to gain access to the services you need.

Credit unions are there to provide the tools and services you need to thrive in today’s world.

Find out how credit unions are serving the community today by contacting your local credit union.