THINK Prize 15 Winner Invents ‘Complimentary Currency’

Think Prize 15 Winner invents 'Complimentary Currency'

San Francisco-based entrepreneur Justin Bean, a long-time OnPoint Community Credit Union member and winner of the THINK 15 Prize Challenge, created Community Coin, a concept he invented which will allow communities to pay for community service work even when no money is available.

Bean created this concept in hopes that people will rethink money. “What is money?” he asks. “How do we use it to create value in the world?” How does money influence what a community is able to accomplish, or how well it can care for its people? What about when that community is poor and money is scarce?

From these questions, he came up with Community Coin, a potential solution to many of these challenges. Bean entered it in the 2015 CO-OP THINK Prize Challenge as a solution to the question, “How might we use the power of communities to financially empower those who need it most?”

Community Coin was selected as one of the five top ideas for its potential to shift the conversation we have on community transactions.

To learn more about Community Coin and Bean’s ideas behind why he created it and how he feels it will help financially empower those who need it most, click here.