CO-OP Partners with OpenIDEO to Bring Member-Centered Financial Services to the Next Level

CO-OP Partners with OpenIDEO to Bring Member-Centered Financial Services to the Next Level

Whether it’s managing your savings plan, planning to buy your first home, or moving to a new city, you need to be equipped with the right tools for your financial needs. Credit unions are doing everything they can to develop tools to be there for you at every stage. That’s why CO-OP Financial Services is collaborating with OpenIDEO and MasterCard to come up with innovative solutions that put the needs of credit union members first.

The end goal? To develop a unique platform that will bring human-centered financial services to the next level.

Design Thinking for Human-Centered Financial Services

This partnership uses IDEO’s human-centered design approach and  design thinking methodology to foster creativity and out-of-the-box thinking through both in-person and online collaboration.

Credit unions are joining forces to propel a powerful movement. They’ve kicked it off with a workshop in Washington, D.C., where everyone from board members to staff put their heads together to develop financial services products that meet the needs of people today. Ideas from that one session ran the gamut from a national campaign to learn more about members’ needs to a creativity gym for credit union branches.

In the months to come this effort will:

  • Work with a select group of credit union leaders and innovators, training them to bring human-centered thinking to their own credit unions and the movement at large.
  • Listen to credit unions about the concerns and challenges they—and their members—face every day.
  • Develop an ongoing platform credit unions can use to listen to consumer needs first in order to develop relevant, important financial products and services.

Stay tuned! Exciting things are brewing!