Credit Unions: Not Out to Make a Profit

Navneet and Donna

Instead of setting out to make a profit, credit union employees are invested in their members’ financial wellbeing. It’s about getting to know people and to provide trusted advice and financial education. And it’s work that involves a human touch. “We’ve changed lives in the community,” explains Navneet Khanna, executive vice president of Travis Credit Union. “We’ve put people into their dream homes, we’ve put them into their dream cars, we’ve helped them save for retirement. We could all be working in some big city somewhere in some high rise, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

With their big hearts and generosity, they make time to go out into the community and get involved in charitable causes. They get to know their members as people, and not as mere credit scores or dollar signs. “One of the things that’s really cool about credit unions is going out into the community and talking to folks that have said, ‘I started with you when I first got out of college,’” says Donna Ogorek, VP of marketing and business development at Sooper Credit Union. And I got my first home loan with you. And I did all my car loans with you. And now my son has a car loan with you. You feel that connectedness. You aren’t going to experience that in any other capacity.”

Learn more about the human credit union difference as explained by Ogorek and Khanna:

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