Credit Unions: Improving the Lives of Others, One Person at a Time

Credit Unions: Improving the Lives of Others, One Person at a Time

It’s a known fact that when it comes to what stresses people out, money tops the list. When you help someone improve their financial situation, you not only are helping them with money, but you’re also improving their overall well-being.

In the video below, Robin McKenzie, senior vice president of marketing & communications of Redwood Credit Union, shares the story of a member who came in to her credit union one day and was visibly stressed out. An employee took the time to sit down with the member to really listen and understand how to best help her. Together they looked at different options and found ways to help the member save a significant amount of money, including refinancing her auto loan and consolidating her credit cards. “It was more than just putting money into her pockets,” McKenzie explains. “It was about the stress we were able to reduce for her. It allows her to truly achieve a better life.”

People who work for credit unions are incredibly passionate about helping their community. Instead of trying to persuade members who walk through the door to sign up for things that may not serve their best interests, they’re devoted to putting people first. It’s not about shortcuts or quick fixes, either. Credit union employees make the extra effort to compassionately listen to their members and understand both their short-term and long-term goals. Heads are put together and all possible options are looked over to come up with a personalized plan to improve their members’ overall situation.

Credit unions understand that financial freedom is the foundation of living a healthy and happy life and make the effort to help their members.

This heartwarming story, told by McKenzie, is a testament on how credit unions are devoted to helping individuals:

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Editor’s Note: This post previously published on November 3, 2015.