CO-OP provides technology you need,
so credit unions can deliver the attention you want.

Credit Union Benefits

What CO-OP does.

CO-OP is an organization that works behind the scenes to support credit unions by bringing them the latest financial services technology. Keeping members’ needs in mind, CO-OP aims to strengthen the credit union network nationwide—with all kinds of exciting, progressive ideas that make banking easier and more reliable for you. CO-OP is constantly working to bring those ideas into fruition.

Where CO-OP came from.

In 1981, credit union members didn’t have smartphones, Wi-Fi or the ability to share selfies 24/7. They also didn’t have a network of ATMs they could visit when they were on the go. So, a group of credit unions in California created the CO-OP network for the credit union community.

Where CO-OP is found.

The CO-OP network offers 3,500 credit unions with more than 5,000 branches, nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide, online banking tools and more. Making banking and budgeting easier for members—who are now free to tweet all they want about how much they love their credit unions.

How CO-OP gives back.

Launched in 2008, CO-OP’s Miracle Match Program is a philanthropic effort that has helped credit unions and their members raise millions of dollars annually for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in their own communities. Participating CO-OP ATMs offer an option to donate any amount to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and each charitable donation is matched by the credit union. It’s a simple, wonderful way to help your community and raise funds for a worthy cause.

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